Current Art Catalogue

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AGING 1 : 2K5-16 : map onto archival board onto custom board :53x67cms.

AGING 2 : 2K5-16 : map on archival board on hardboard :41x38cms

AGING 3 : 2K5-16 :map on archival board on more solid archival board 

THE LAST FENCE : 2K5-16 :mixed media on map on archival board on customwood : 56x70cms

RUNNING MAN-BIRDNESS  : 2K1-16 : mixed media on board 37x69cms

STEERAGE  9 : 2K1-16 : canvas on board :44x55cms

STEERAGE 11 : 2K1-16 : canvas on board : 45x55cms

STEERAGE 13 2K1-16 mixed media canvas on hardboard 46x67cm
eURUPA SPEAKING 1 EYED BIRDNESS : mixed media on canvas conveyer belt :1998-2K16 : 81x56cms
STATION TO STATION : 2K5-16 : Mixed media on board :  81x56cms

NOW AND AGAIN I THINK OF GLEN : 2K-16 : mixed media on canvas : 99x67cms

MAGIC FISH MAKE A WISH 4 : 2K10-16 :mixed media on hardboard :punga frame

COROMANDEL RANGES FROM WHAKATIWAI NO 1 : 2K16 : mixed media on canvas ; 100x80cms

COROMANDEL RANGES FROM WHAKATIWAI NO 2 : 2K16 : mixed media on canvas; 100x80cms

OXYMORON 2 : 2K5-16 : mixed media on steel : 38x156cms