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This work was completed over 1980-1981 while renting extra studio space in Ponga, a rural suburb of Papakura, where I was living in a space which did not have the ability to handle working on something of this size.

It is a 10 panel mural in the form of an allegory based on the life of Rua Kenana, a Tuhoe visionary and prophet. The work caused a little controversy when it was suggested that it should go in the Council Chambers. The mural was given a 6 month trial, then voted to remain where it stayed until amalgamation with Auckland Council when the works were put into storage.

Each panel is composed of 4 paintings each 6ft x 4ft with the
exception of 2 panels that are a little smaller. The basic concept underlying the execution of the work being that each painting, each panel and of course the entire work would be able to stand on their own as individual works.

The black and white texts and pictures are from a booklet produced by Manukau City Council for the opening function in the Council Chambers. The accompanying text was written by the Late Roderick Finlayson who I was privileged to work with. We discussed ideas, concepts etc. and took the work in progress out to schools and other institutions where we both tried to make more people aware of a relatively unknown part of our history

The work has recently been located and is going to be re-
photographed and hopefully re-exhibited. The original colour
photographs were used in a slide presentation current location unknown.