Photograph on left shows kiln partially loaded ready to fire and photograph on right after firing. 
The load is a combination of student work, bird leg tiles and various objects being refired

                                       Kiln Load displayed in Studio Sept 18 2019 
Kiln Interior September 18 2019
                                                            Kiln Interior March 2019

These two photographs show a few items being re fired in a test firing.

The items in the kiln are all damaged in some way and have been arranged in the kiln to put pressure on them so as to create a situation when the kiln reaches temperature repairs can be effected by welding with glaze using gravity and the positioning of the item to create a form of repair.

The left hand, top shelf photo, shows some prototype Relationships with pyrometric cones.

The right hand, bottom shelf photo, shows two bowls, and two vases, one a VOW and one a Mortar.