The work table has been for clay work activities. The photos show development of various works as they go through the different processes of manufacture. The top two photos show the last use of the table in its current position before it returns outside. The bags contain clay which have been given to me by a long term patron and is now going to be reconstituted into a clay mixture suitable for Bird activities and associated ceramic items. It is hoped that finished items from this raw clay will be ready for view at the upcoming open days.

These pictures show a range of work getting ready to be fired in the kiln. In one photo you can see Bottle BL2 placed inside a pile of Bird leg tiles, some previously fired, some embossed all waiting for more glaze experimentation as is the bottle. In another photo you can see adjacent to the bottle and tiles mentioned above earlier bird leg tiles on a horizontal rack also awaiting glaze application. The other two photos are from different ends of the table and show several small plates being re-glazed, two larger bowls one raw, one being glazed, raw prototype picture frame spikes arranged in a radial pattern and a collection of bisque fired ware that has been made by a student ready to be glazed

                                         SEPTEMBER 11

More ceramic production is going on with two carved and stoppered Bird leg bottles and the first 

Count Your Blessings bowl now drying with the slabware from the 30 August update

On the work table is an old Vulcan series (painted on canvas backed lithograph flexible plate) which has been reworked over the years getting it’s hopefully final treatment ready for display on the Western Wall.

                                                         AUGUST 30

Things have changed on the work table with ceramic production under way. Old bird leg tiles are being reviewed and if you look closely you will see a pile of new model leg tiles sitting on an electric stove hob at the left of the work table. More obvious are the proto models of a range of slabware in totally dry state getting their final workout before going to the kiln for their first firing.

The work table is getting ready for ceramic work, both individual pieces and Bird Sculpture Leg Tiles.